This paper unfolds the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing a blockchain-based Hyperledger framework in the medical sector. Blockchain technology is well known for its security and privacy by providing distributed governance, immutable audits, robustness, and many more. After a lot of knowledge accumulation and research, we figured that Blockchain Technology is appropriate for usage in Healthcare organizations as the data handled here is sensitive and prone to security challenges, not just limited to data breaches, ransomware, and cyber-attacks. The permissioned Hyperledger framework is one of the best ways to enhance private data sharing and management by mitigating prominent cyber-crimes. The idea is to utilize the Hyperledger framework for providing protection to patient's critical data in Healthcare organizations, where there is a great need for secured and permissioned networks. Our study mainly focuses on designing a Hyperledger based secure data sharing and management platform to store and transfer the medical records and patient information which can be accessible to multiple stakeholders in the organization by governing HIPAA Compliance. HIPAA compliance is a way to provide extra protection to the patient's health information. This system ensures that cyber hackers cannot access a single patient's sensitive information, and even staff inside the company must be granted access to the patient's PHI. We can identify further implications and new possibilities for potential research directions by looking more into this area from a holistic perspective and through innovative lenses.

Author: Hari Priya Ponnakanti

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