This study explores the history of the information technology discipline to determine its core components as well as the practical and theoretical implications of the framework. This discipline has been defined by many scholars, but the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Special Interest Group on Information Technology Education (SIGITE) consolidated all the definitions as an academic discipline. The exploratory research methodology was employed in determining the core framework of IT, which was derived from various definitions by scholars. From our findings, IT as a discipline encompasses the tools, techniques, and procedures employed in the development of a solution to solve people/organizational problems. The four independent elements identified in this discipline are people, information, technology, and the solutions or needs that connect them. IT research employs methods ranging from the scientific method to action research and hermeneutics, with an emphasis on technological, educational, and social issues, and it covers a wide range of issues, including data mining, security, database design, multimedia, and e-commerce, to name a few.

Authors: Feifei Pang, Izunna Okpala, Hari Priya Ponnakanti

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