Information systems are integral to managing business processes across most industries, organizations, and higher education institutions. However, management consultants and analysts appear to underestimate the impact of the usability of the IT solution on processes and people. This paper focuses on the usability of SAP CONCUR, an expense management system used by many businesses and academic institutions in the United States. In this research I will investigate the usability of the Concur expense system in the context of academic setting, with faculty as the primary participants in the study. Using Think Aloud, semi-structured interviews as well as popular usability instruments such as System Usability Scale (SUS), I will critically examine the usability issues of Concur. Based on the insights from the study, I will formulate recommendations for usability improvement and informed by those, I will design an improved travel expense system and study the improvement in usability of the newly designed system.

Authors: Ahmad Abdulquadir, Dr. Annu Prabhakar

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