Cyberattacks have ransacked the business world and wreaked devastation by loss of PII, trade secrets, and money. IBM estimated the average breach to cost a company around 4.35 million dollars. Due to recent press releases about the multimillion-dollars funded to Enable Injections, not only was their image elevated, but also their likelihood of a cyberattack. It was the ideal time to verify their security by the completion of the EI Security Assessment and Mitigation Plan. Common areas of vulnerabilities in organizations were examined such as phishing susceptibility, key folder permissions, and firewall rules. Phishing emails have allowed bad actors to gain access into countless networks, this potential vulnerability was decreased by thorough security awareness training for users and an internal phishing campaign. Key folder permissions were analyzed and adjusted to remove unnecessary access. Firewall rules were audited to ensure that none contained errors, duplicates, or should have been combined.

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Gabrielle Swinney

Gabrielle Swinney

Advisor: Tyler Hopperton 

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