According to a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association, “Around a third of adults (34%) reported that stress is completely overwhelming most days”. Without relief from stressors, the mind and body can suffer from the serious effects of prolonged stress. SuperBowl is a casual video game that combines the strategies and environments of mini golf with virtual bowling. The game is intended to be a fun stress reliever for players of all age groups, showcasing a melody of original soundtracks, reality-bending and colorful aesthetics, and an unrushed experience to encourage creative problem solving. The objective is to create a low-stress environment through the utilization of familiar concepts and flexible gameplay. SuperBowl is a take on cozy gaming that aims to provide players with an entertaining experience as well as an escape from the everyday stressors of life.

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Benjamin Ravancho

Francesca Suba

Francesca Suba

Howard Hall

Lillian Schott

Nicholas Misleh

Advisor: Shane Halse

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