This paper presents the design and development of UC Find-A-Flush, a mobile application aimed at directing users to the nearest restroom on the University of Cincinnati’s Main Campus. The reliance of today’s society on smartphones leads to the significance of such a tool. The app will employ GPS to allow a user to provide their current location and map a route to the nearest restroom of the user’s choosing. The app will also be able to provide information about each restroom, such as cleanliness, accessibility, and busyness. Additionally, the app will allow users access to up-to-date information on the state of the various restrooms scattered across UC campus. The development process involved intense usability testing across various designs, resulting in an application that is intuitive, usable, and reliable to meet the restroom needs of individuals. UC Find-A-Flush has the potential to improve restroom experiences for individuals visiting the UC campus.

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Benjamin Hicks

Benjamin Schuler

Benjamin Seamon

Spencer Haid

Spencer Haid

Advisor: Vismaya Manchaiah

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