"In the rapidly evolving landscape of technological innovation, small businesses find themselves at a disadvantage, vulnerable to cybersecurity threats due to limited resources and technical expertise. NetWorkHub is a marketplace that facilitates connections between network engineers and small-to-medium business owners. The platform caters to two distinct user groups: business owners and network engineers, fostering a secure environment for collaboration and system modernization, even at the smallest scale. NetWorkHub offers an iOS app enabling business owners to post network-related tasks and receive bids from network engineers. Meanwhile, network engineers access a web dashboard to manage bids, communication, and view network analytics. Key features include provisioning network engineers with essential tools, such as deploying a NetWorkHub-designed Raspberry Pi to augment virtual network capabilities. Additionally, engineers benefit from a network diagramming tool for configuration review and reuse."

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Evan Saxton

Isaac Van Meter

Jared Helton

Jared Helton

Reesë Tuttle

Advisor: Jason Gerst

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