Our team has observed an imbalance between employers and applicants during the process of finding new jobs which has resulted in jobseekers spending dozens - if not hundreds - of hours drafting cover letters, resumes, and applications only to see them discarded by automation tools. This imbalance has been rectified through our web application that utilizes ChatGPT and integrates with job boards using browser extensions to create customized, high-quality cover letters and resumes. Automation has been used by potential employees to help speed up the process of landing interviews and being hired. Cover Convo provides a helpful service with powerful results and speeds up the process of applying for a job. Our teams’ goal was to provide applicants with a powerful tool to both expedite their job search and increase the quality of their applications.

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Carson Simms

Carson Simms

Daniel West

Lucas Stewart

Nick Bell

Advisor: Yahya Gilany

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