Construction contractors all over the greater Cincinnati area depend on AJL Group to conduct safety reviews of their jobsites. AJL Group sends an OSHA certified site auditor to these clients to ensure their jobsites are compliant with OSHA standards. Clients rely on these reviews to catch potential site violations and fix them to avoid large fines from OSHA. The current reporting tool AJL Group uses is ineffective and time-consuming for auditors to use, resulting in higher labor costs, inconsistent language, and unappealing document styling. Using Site Safe, AJL Group can leverage a robust web application and database to quickly create reports using the report generation tool. This tool utilizes predefined fields and styling to reduce the time spent by auditors typing information that will remain the same for each violation type. Site Safe will enable AJL Group to create quick and exceptional reports as they continue to scale.

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Aaron Cochron

Aaron Cochron

Alex Robinson

Owen Montgomery

Advisor: Dyllon Dekok

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