Due to the effect of COVID-19, the people are scared to go out of the houses and work as it is being transmitted easily from person to person. But without doing any work, they can't survive with their families and revenue to the companies will be stopped if the people don't work. So, companies have thought about the health of the employees and their well-being in this pandemic time and decided to make them work from home to reduce the effect of the COVID-19. So that the work in the companies will not be ceased. There are disadvantages and challenges in terms of cyber security for the companies allowing the employees work from home. In our work, we will investigate the challenges and risks faced by the companies allowing the employees work from home and how to mitigate those risks. The goal of this study is to make companies aware of the risks of working from home and mitigate those risks from happening and keep the company data and projects uncompromised keeping the employees' health condition in consideration.

Author: Sanith Dhanpal

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