Automated testing is the practice of using software tools to automate the execution of test cases upon the release of a new software version. It is a well-known practice in the software industry, often used to save organizational resources and provide better reliability and insights compared to manual testing. Automated quality assurance (QA) or testing, while beneficial to implement, can be cost and time prohibitive for organizations working against tight deadlines as they may not be able to justify spending resources on automating tests on an ad-hoc basis. Additionally, automated testing is more effective when the volume of tests conducted, and coverage of tests is high. Therefore, a piecemeal approach to transition from manual to automated testing proves to be futile. This paper discusses an approach to implementing automated testing for applications in industry based on best practice recommendations from other academic literature.

Authors: Judi Zink, Vineela Kunapareddi, Yahya Gilany

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