Prisoner recidivism is a growing problem in the United States. Offenders often find themselves rearrested and returned to the system after a few short years. The IT Solutions Center’s Risk Assessment System was developed as a web-based solution to UCCI’s Risk Assessment Tools and offers a variety of tools to better manage offenders, conduct risk assessments, and facilitate the reduction of recidivism. The Risk Assessment System v4.0 includes a complete front-end framework migration and improves upon the original approach by adding some highly requested features. Notable highlights are enhancements to data reporting via the Research Portal, merging/unmerging of offender records, role/permission management, and a chronological offender timeline. This project also focused on creating a more robust database infrastructure through the use of logical replication. Lastly, a file upload application was developed to take the place of API integrations in the case that clients are unable to build a solution of their own.

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Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Advisor: Yahya Gilany

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