VonLehman Cyber Security Auditing is a service that educates, measures and reports to businesses about the risks and vulnerabilities they are responsible for securing. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts by 2021, cybercrime will cost $6 trillion annually to enterprises across the globe. The added stress of a global pandemic forces organizations to embrace a future integrated with technology. VonLehman offers comprehensive security training and assessments to local businesses through a tiered packaged approach. VonLehman will include security training services with educational presentations on security topics and targeted phishing campaigns that allow users to utilize their knowledge. Security awareness is a great foundation to creating a culture that is secure. VonLehman’s security assessments will search for physical and cyber security vulnerabilities. VonLehman will; determine the value of data collected and stored, establish and prioritize technological assets, identify threats and vulnerabilities, evaluate access controls and document the results in a risk assessment report.

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Ram Saminathan

Ram Saminathan

Advisor: Tony Iacobelli

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